The Spanish Longliners Organization from A Guarda OR.PA.GU. (Pontevedra, Spain), was born from a shared passion: the sea.

Our purpose is to contribute to its protection by developing, regulating and promoting the longline fishing, while working and supporting the interests of all our sector.


A Guarda is a town located in the northwest of Spain. Right beside the Atlantic Ocean, the fishing tradition has been always printed in our DNA and that is the reason why, in the 90s, some fishermen from this area decided to put faith in longline fishing, making from it their way of life.

25 years orpagu


This journey has made us become the most important longline fleet in Europe thanks to the 71 vessels specialised in high seas longline fishing of swordfish, tuna and similar species. All thanks to our 71 vessels, specialized in the fishing of Swordfish and other related species, with the modality of deep-sea and high-altitude surface longlines.

Nowadays, our fishing vessels are spread across the four oceans, from the Pacific, to the Indic, North Atlantic and South Atlantic, which means more than 71 partners in total.

It was worth the effort to work so hard for such a long time as in July 2020 our organization was awarded with the Premio Alimentos de España (the Spanish Food Prize), the highest distinction recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

In addition, this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of such a long journey. We were originally focused on the national market but in 2017 we were recognised as a transnational organization (Europe). We were born oriented to the national sphere, but as of 2017 we have also been recognized in the transnational (European) sphere.



We promote education about the sea and longline fishing among the smallest, carrying out projects in the world of Education that help raise awareness throughout society.

Discover them at www.orpagueducativo.com